Harmon Brook Farm
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Harmon Brook Farm grows and distributes live baitfish throughout Maine and other states. HBF produces and distributes live, processed, pickled, salt-cured, frozen and fresh baits directly to anglers in North America at our Online Bait Shop!

Maine Smelt Hatchery is the only commercial and private operated smelt hatchery in North America.  We offer rainbow smelt fry to private pond owners, aquaculture grow-out operations, research institutes, public & private restoration projects, lake & sporting associations, and to others that may be interested, except in Maine. See our Maine Smelt Hatchery page for more information.

Harmon Brook Farm, Canaan, Maine

Black Stream Bait Shop has been added to our operations here at HBF.  This is our “farm store” where Maine/ local anglers can purchase their bait products direct from our AquaFarm. We offer both “wild harvested” and “farm grown/cultured” baits as “Live”, “Fresh dead”,” Frozen”, “*P&P”, or “Salt-cured”!

Our Black Stream Bait Shop website is here: http://www.blackstream.meThe website has information related to our hours open, how to place custom orders, after hour appointments and bait species available.

*Pickled & Processed baits.

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You can now purchase Harmon Brook Farms products online!

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