"Thank you for your great bait and your awesome service"

 Fri, Mar 6, 2020, 7:23 PM: Gregory B., a NY customer


"Got the smelt on Thursday and they look awesome!!!  Best smelt I have seen in years thank you very much!!"  

CO customer EC comment after receiving his Custom Order of whole frozen smelt. 01/24/2020 

Hi John,

"I just wanted to let you know the package came yesterday. Your customer service has been great and beyond my expectations. I also want to thank you for the very generous product credit. It more than covered my shipping costs.

Thank you. Merry Christmas." 

WI customer Eric T.  by e-mail 12/24/2019 

HBF:  In our scurry to fill orders, once in a while we make mistakes, Eric's order went to Dustin in Colorado and Dustin's order went to Eric in Wisconsin.  We work with our customers to correct any mistakes and compensate for all costs related to any incident.  We care about our customers and meeting their needs for quality bait products.  Thank You, one and all!

Hey Jon,"I’m sorry you didn’t hear back from me Friday. We ran into a family emergency. I sent the package back on Friday the 20th and it was returned back to us because of a post office mistake. We have kept it in the freezer to keep it frozen. As soon as the post office opens back up we will return the package again. I will attach the invoice that was in the package in this email."  

CO customer Dustin C.  by e-mail 12/24/2019

2nd comment from Dustin C. by e-mail 12/25/2019, 

Hi Jon and merry Christmas! 

"I really appreciate you taking time to reach out about the mistake. Never before have I experienced this level of quality customer service...  Once again thank you for your above and beyond customer service, merry Christmas and have a great new year."   

"Harmon Brook Farm, thanks for the great bait. I caught a 40" Laker on the first sucker used.  Please refill our previous order."  CO customer Larry S. by phone 11/16/2019


"Thank you so much John for the great looking smelt! Also for getting them too me a day early I'll definitely be ordering from you soon!"  Michigan customer posted email 04/24/2019  @ 5:46 PM


"I got my bait. That's the best shipping box I've ever seen!"


MO customer, Kevin Y.,  posted email: 03/24/2019

Hey John,

"The bait arrived today.  It looks great and I am excited to use it.  Thanks a ton!" 

Utah customer, Jason C., email posted: Wed 2/6/2019 4:16 PM


Afternoon John

"All the fish arrived safe and sound and look wonderful. I appreciate the prompt service & delivery, We look forward to future business.

I will be needing some Salmon Selects this spring."

NH customer LB, email  posted: Wed 2/6/2019 2:39 PM


"Dear Harmon Brook, Thanks for another great year of fishing! We plan on ordering more for our trip to Canada this year. If you have any samples you could throw in of other sizes or products I would be very appreciative. I plan on buying more in the future and it would help to have a visual.....

Looking forward to using these smelt!!! Thank you for your time." 

Sincerely, Bob 

Bob , thanks for the compliment!  Your new order and samples  will be headed your way.  We appreciate your orders.

Bob posted this email 01/21/19.  Bob B., is a Michigan customer who purchased our certified bait products that are approved by Michigan DNR for use anywhere in MI.

"Here are a few pics for you. Your bait put us on 3 pike over 30 lbs and many 20 pounders and a 6 pound bass ." 

Matt M., a NY customer, email posted Fri 12/7/18  @ 6:10 PM

Matt included the above report  for the past 2018 ice-fishing season  when he placed his "Custom Order" for 2019 season.  Some of his pictures are included in our Photo section. 

"I received the bait yesterday. It looks absolutely awesome!! I can’t wait ...."

Matt M., a NY customer, email posted 12/13/18 @ 10:30pm

"Harmon Brook Farm youre rippin it up. The Jumbo shiners are really Jumbos"


Denny Y.

MA customer posted email 12/5/2018


"Hello John

Thanks for the prompt service, received suckers today, perfect size and service. We will continue doing business with you."   Larry 

Sent from my iPhone Wed 12/5/2018 11:32 AM

Larry S. 

Denver, CO customer

"My boys did real well at "Ragged", lots of Brookies and Splake on the preserved bait. Medium size is the best.

I'm going to Moosehead one more time this weekend" 

Weston G

Maine Customer

Received: 09/14/18 conversation during a bait purchase

"John, whoever packed that box of suckers did a good job.  Arrived rock-hard!"

Richard E

NE customer-Rooster Junction

Phone call: 09/12/18


"…thanks for your excellent service!

I am looking forward to smashing big ND walleyes with your bait"

Mike G., ND customer, posted email: 06/29/18


"Thank you very much John!! You are by far the best customer service I've ever had!!"

Todd B., SD customer, posted email: 06/27/18

"John, Well I'm happy to inform you it did arrive today around noon. There was very little thawing with the suckers. I'm very pleased with the bait as well as the entire process and outcome. I will definitely be placing orders in the future with you as well as get your name out here in Gxxxx Xxxxxxx Colorado to businesses and fellow fisherman. Lot's of pike and lake trout fisherman out here and a few of us cat-fisherman. I will also make it a point to spread the word to my friends in Nebraska and Texas on your companies info and my pleasant experience." 

Doug, a CO customer,  posted email: 05/16/2018 by email .

Update: 01/19/19, Doug reordered 2x previous order.

On 01/23/19  Doug received his order and sent us an email :

"Once again John I have to say for my second year ordering bait from your company it’s been an excellent and unscathed experience. I’m very impressed with the frozen sucker chubs and to ship 2000 miles in 3 days is awesome. I said it last year and I’ll say it again but your customer service and variety of products I personally think are remarkable. Not many companies I can honestly say I trust to do business with these days but I’ve spoken to you on the phone in the past and you bring back that customer service most companies don’t have anymore. (Honesty, integrity and personality) I thank you for that. I took your advice from last year and ordered early and the selection of bait was flawless this time of year.

Whoever packages the bait for long trips you should buy them lunch. They were packaged so good it was impressive. They did a great job!! 

You got good people there keep them. 

Thank You!!"

Hey John

"Received the shipment I ordered.  Looks just as advertised.....    

Will do business again."


Jered D., WI customer, posted email: 05/11/18


Hello John 

"This is Andy L*****  I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the bait I purchased form you we are doing very well on your bait 

I am for sure looking forward to doing more business with you" 

Thank you, Andy 

Andy, a PA customer, posted email: 04/01/2018 

"Thanks for getting my shipment to me so fast you made my opening day of trout season here in NY very rewarding". Thanks again Tom 

PS. "Best bait we seen in a long time".

Tom, a NY customer, posted email: 03/31/2018